Now at the Galerie Maeght

Maeght presents a collection of art pieces from Calder including gouaches and lithographies, as well as sculptures and etchings from Miró and combining more work from Tàpies, Valdès, Kuroda, Chen Man

The Maeght Boutiqueoffers permanently one of the/ the largest echtings and original lithography collection for sale in the world. New etchings, original lithography and more creations from contemporary artists, jewlery from Monory and from Marco Del Re, sculptures and drawings from the Galerie Maeght historical artists.

Fondation Maeght : closed for refurbishing
photo de la Fondation Maeght

The Maeght fondation is currently closed for refurbishing and will open again in spring 2010.

During this time, the exhibition rooms and the garden won't be opened, the Fondation Maeght remains at your diposal by phone, fax and post.

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