The much anticipated book of the summer

With the the Book Festival of Nice (18 June 20, 2010) in the garden Albert 1st in Nice, the book lovers will be able to discover in exclusivity the new book from Yoyo Maeght, in the collection Découvertes Gallimard on the Maeght Foundation at Saint Paul de Vence.

Since 1964, Paris is not anymore the single center of art in France; in the South, supported by their friend Andre Malraux, Aime and Marguerite Maeght created and gave life to an “anti-Louvre with the sun”, true laboratory of contemporary creation. The adventure started in Cannes, when Aimé, young orphan , decides to devote his life to art, initially as craftsman, then as a merchant.

He became one of the most important art dealer thanks to the artists he exposed and supported: initially with Bonnard, Matisse, Direct, Miro, Calder, Giacometti ,then Kelly, Tapies, Chillida and Riopelle.

As a colector he decided to create a foundation to share his passion for art with the public . Aime and Marguerite elected a place, Saint-Paul-of-Vence, chose an architect, the Catalan Jose Luis Sert and offer to the artists freedom to invest garden and buildings: Miro invented a Labyrinth, populated with sculptures and ceramics, Giacometti installed the Man who walks and the Women of Venice in the main courtyard, Braque drew fishes in the basins, Chagall created mosaics on the walls.

Yoyo Maeght recalls the engagement of these visionaries who were Aimé and Marguerite Maeght, and following their path their son Adrien and their grand-daughters continue today. Initiating us with the masterpieces of this exceptional museum in nature, dedicated to art and the life.

The book is also available in exclusivity on the Maeght Editions website for 15 euros.